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Jan 17, 2009

Night Time Fun

Posted by Amami Superman

Well, I pulled newb photographer move yesterday. I woke up early and headed out to take some morning sunrise pictures, drove for about 45 minutes, hiked up the beach to the spot I wanted to shoot from, got everything all set up only to find I forgot my camera battery on my desk at home. DOH!!!!

Anyways! So I had all my gear in the car and after work was finished, I decided to take Jade to a seaside park and mess around taking some long exposure pictures. We brought a flashlight thinking that would be fun to run around in the dark and this is one of the pictures that turned out decent.

I was using shutter speed priority of 30 seconds, ISO 200 and the aperture on auto. I used these settings for all the photos I took last night.

After running around with the flashlight, I thought it would be cool to take some pictures making some symbols or writing.

I don't know why an anarchy symbol popped into my head but as I was waving the light around in a big circle I thought, "Oh, lets to that."

I then thought it would be cool to try and make some fake ghost pictures. It was pretty fun doing that with Jade.

So that was the fun we had last night. When we got back it was a little after 10:00PM and Jade fell asleep in the car. As I was editing these pictures to show you I decided to get my revenge and go take some sunrise pictures the next morning. I'll post those in a different post next.


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