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Mar 20, 2009

Some Holiday in Japan

Posted by Amami Superman

So we had a day off today. I'm not sure what holiday it is, but we got it off. We decided to go out for a drive. First we stopped off to see some relatives. 2 actually. Both of them are pretty old. One is in the hospital. She's pretty healthy and still gets around pretty well but she recently hurt her back and is in the hospital for rehabilitation. The other is out a bit from town and wasn't home. She was at the old folks' daycare center. So we came back to town and ate lunch then set out again. My real intent and purpose for going for a drive was to find some new places to take pictures. I did find one place that was kind of off the beaten path. I took a few shots and thought it would be cool to take a few of my wife and daughter since they were hear. I didn't take very many shot today because I didn't know how many I was going to take today and my camera battery was low. Here is the shot I took of them. I only took one. I wanted the slow exposure so I had to have them hold still for a few seconds. They moved...

Here is the picture.


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