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Apr 28, 2009


Posted by Amami Superman

This last week, my wife was reading the local newspaper and came across a photo contest being held by the newspaper. I've only been taking photos a short time now and have never entered any of my photos to a contest yet. They hold this contest every year and this is the 5th year.

This year's theme is 「川」(kawa), which means "river" or "stream". Lucky me, I like to take photos of streams! The contest ends on May 26th and the contest winners will be announced on June 1, which happens to be World Photo Day.

The contest rules are pretty simple. 5 photos per person is the limit. I already have a couple I would like to submit but I'm going to do my best to get out and take some more photos for this contest.

Today, I went out looking for different rivers to photograph. Looking for a good spot to shoot is pretty difficult. I try to look for the areas that are hard to get. I figure, the harder to get to, the better. That way I have less a chance of taking the same photo as someone else. I found a bunch of different places but none of them tickled my fancy.

I did take one photo that I KIND OF liked, but it still didn't spark my interest too much.

Nikon D60, Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 55mm, 1.0 sec, f/32, ISO 100 -- EXIF

This was taken a little before noon. It was awful bright out. I'm thinking of buying some neutral density filters in the future. I would like to get a little longer shutter time to get some more motion blur in the water. 1 second doesn't seem to be enough to me. It's also been very windy these past few days. I didn't take one photo with everything sitting still.

Well, as I said, I'm going to be out looking for different rivers to shoot. I think my photos for the next month will mostly be rivers but I'll be out taking a little of everything.


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