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Oct 4, 2010


Posted by Amami Superman

Nikon D60, Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 55mm, 1/160 sec, f/5.6, ISO 100 -- EXIF

If anyone knows me, they know that I hate spiders and bugs. Can't stand the thought of them. But there's times like these when I bite my lip and try not to run away in screaming hysteria swiping at those invisible bugs and spiders crawling up my legs and back... But it's all good when I get home and look at the photos I took and think, "I got pretty close to that sucker!"

I'm still going through the couple thousand photos I took this past month or so of different schools' undokai (track and field days). So just another small post.


Che-Cheh said...

Hey great shot. The overall color is very cheery.

I'm not a spider fan myself. So I know what you mean. Ekkkk!

Peter in Wales said...

I think I remember seeing these great big fellows in southern Honshu, sitting in really strong webs a metre across; is it called jorogumo ?

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