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Apr 29, 2011


Posted by Amami Superman

It's the beginning of Golden Week here in Japan. Golden week is a bunch of holidays clumped up at the end of April and the beginning of May. I decided to clean my camera gear up and get ready for this. Taking my camera out of my bag, I went to turn it on and, nothing. For just a few seconds, I went into a state of shock. I kind of got light-headed and I stopped seeing colors and everything turned gray. I've only had that happen a few times in my life, but not very recently.

It dawned on me that I haven't even turned my camera on in a few weeks and thought maybe my batteries were dead. I took them out and stuck one on my quick charger and none of the charging LED's would light up. I put the other one in and the same thing happen. I've had trouble in the past with my charger so I don't know where the problem actually lies. I figure there are a few possibilities.

1. My camera is busted and my charger is too.

2. My batteries were completely depleted and will no longer charge.

I know that the lith-ion EN-EL9 batteries for my camera have a tendency to not charge again after completely depleting them during use. It's kind of difficult to do, but I've done it twice before. Both times I had my camera connected to my computer and I was controlling the camera directly from my computer. I learned that if you run the battery down until it shuts off, you completely deplete it and it won't charge again. Maybe I just let the batteries I use now sit to long and the same thing happened? I don't know.

So I'm without a camera at the moment. I ordered two new batteries and also a new charger. Hopefully this will fix the problem and hopefully they'll get here before Golden Week is over. It was such a lovely morning and I was excited. Now I'm just pissed.


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