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Mar 3, 2010

Panorama Above Tebiro

Posted by Amami Superman

Panoramic View Overlooking Tebiro

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Most of the countries in the Pacific were on tsunami alert on Sunday after Chile had an 8.8 earthquake hit Saturday morning. They estimated the tsunami would arrive here in Amami at around 2:30pm. I decided I wanted to take photos of anything that happened. As it turned out, nothing happen. Or should I say, nothing happened around the time they estimated it would happen. It wasn't until we returned home after this that sirens went off and the actual tsunami hit.

My mother-in-law gets freaked out easily and she went on about a tsunami that hit Amami from an earthquake that hit Chile back in 1960. I was reading that the earthquake that happen on Saturday doesn't even compare to the one of 1960. But non the less, the loss of life is a terrible thing.

My mother-in-law talked about how far up into the city the water came and some of the things that happen. One thing I found kind of interesting was she said when the water receded, it left loads of fish in the streets where the ocean was no where near. As I was taking photos at the fishing port, I overheard some of the older gentlemen talking saying they ran around gathering up fish at a park that was well inland in the city after the 1960 tsunami. I heard other stories about how far up the Shin River here in Amami the water flooded in spilling out over the banks and flooding the city.

Anyway, I thought this would have been a good place to watch from if anything happened. As it turned out, nothing much did. We waited around until almost 4:00pm. It was very warm and we were kind of hot and tired. We packed it up and headed home.

We got home a little before 5:00pm and as I was uploading these photos to my computer, the sirens went off. As I said in my previous post, against all better judgement, I grabbed my camera and headed to the port down the street. Luckily, nothing disastrous happened.


Che-Cheh said...

Gorgeous panorama :)

I've heard about the possible tsunami. Thankfully nothing happened.

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