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May 4, 2010

Panorama at Tomori Beach

Posted by Amami Superman

Panoramic View of Tomori Beach

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This enlarged photo is larger than my regular enlarged photos. It may take some time to appear depending on your internet connection.

I patched these photos together in Photoshop CS3 using photomerge. I thought it turned out well. I had to do some retouching manually to fix some distortions but nothing too serious. These photos were taken in the later half of March. We were having some pretty nice weather so I took the family to the beach. I brought some shovels and buckets to see if we could make some big sand castles. So if you look just center right of the photo, you can see Jade and Hikari sitting there by a big mound of sand. We had some fun and these are just a few of the shots I took from this day.


Jeffrey Friedl said...

Really nice... could you post a map link, for those of us not familiar with the beach?

Amami Superman said...

Sorry, I completely forgot to put in my own preset info metadata let alone geotags. I've re-uploaded the photos so now metadata will display my info and a map link.9

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