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Jan 27, 2010

New Blog Design

Posted by Amami Superman

Do you ever want to take things apart to know how they work? I'm that sort of a person. I've mostly been interested in cars and bikes and it's always been cars and bikes that I take apart to get a better understanding of.

Until I started this blog, I never blogged before. When I started to get into photography, I noticed that a lot of people posted their photos in blogs of some sort to share their photos. I decided to try it out. I learned about free templates that you could use to give your blog more style. The whole cutting and pasting a template into your blog was easy enough. But one look at the html, css and widgets used made me think that's a lot to learn about if I wanted to make my own template.

It all started out a few days ago when I got fed up with Photobucket. I wanted my photos to look nicer so I started a trial account on Zenfolio to upload my photos to. I thought, "Now my photos will look a little nicer." Well, it didn't stop there. As I looked through my photos, I didn't like how my categories sort of got out of control. I decided to go through my posts and take all the labels from my posts out and try to think up a better list to use. As you can see, I don't have a category list at the moment.

It's always been in the back of my mind that the template I used wasn't that good for showing off photos. A lot of browns seemed to take away from the warmer colors in my photos. As I was going through my posts, I started to get an itch for changing the template. I got into web design a few years back and I've done a bit of studying on html and css and I used what I know to widen areas of my blog and change some colors to what it is now. I decided to jump in and see what I could learn about the codes used to make this template.

I copied my current blog's html and pasted it into a new blog. After that I took a look at all the different graphics used and the code used to build my current template. Next thing I knew, I was in Illustrator and Photoshop making up my own web graphics to see if I could rebuild my blog into something I like that I made.

This is what I made.

My New Blog Design

I'm still doing some fine tuning tweaks but I was interested to know what others thought before I made the actual change.


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