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Jan 25, 2010

Amami at Dusk

Posted by Amami Superman

We had some very nice weather last Monday so as soon as I finished with work, I grabbed my tripod and headed for Ogamiyama. I made a post back in April with a night time long exposure shot of the city but I wanted something different this time so I decided to go when it was a bit brighter out. What I was really looking for was when the sun was just about to dip behind the mountains to get some nice shadows on the buildings, but I was a bit too late for that.

I took a bunch of photos, but this one turned out the best. The original photos didn't have a lot of color to them and I really didn't like them at all. But I went through them anyway and chose this photo to fix up a bit. Actually, not just a bit, but a lot.

Mouse over the image to see the original.

Nikon D60, Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 18mm, 1/13 sec, f/10, ISO 100 -- EXIF
City of Amami

I did a lot to this photo as you can see. I did all post editing in Lightroom 2. Probably the the most noticeable thing is the blue sky. I used a graduated filter for this. Other than that, it was mostly adjusting Fill Light, Vibrancy and Saturation with a bit of Sharpening. I think it turned out pretty well. Although I would like to take photos without having to do any post editing, I suck and I'm grateful for software that helps you enhance images.

My daughter Jade followed me up the mountain to watch me take photos. She had planned on going to a friends house but it turned out her friend had some after-school detention for not finishing her homework so Jade tagged along with me (having already finished her homework of course).

Nikon D60, Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 55mm, 1/20 sec, f/5.6, ISO 400 -- EXIF
American Girl

Nikon D60, Nikkor 55-200mm f/4.0-5.6 @ 200mm, 1/40 sec, f/5.6, ISO 1600 -- EXIF
Rolling Through the Shoutengai

After coming down from the mountain, we went our separate ways to get home. She wanted to go visit her friend and I visited a friend too. It was on the way so I let her go. After visiting my friend, I made my way home thought the shoutengai and found her on her way home as well.


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