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Jan 31, 2010

Full Moon

Posted by Amami Superman

I kind of caught a light cold. Nothing too serious but I hate getting sick so I've been staying home these last couple of days.

My wife was closing up shop and she noticed it was a full moon out and she told me about it. I got out my tripod and tried to take a few shots of it. I took a photo of the moon back in April, but it wasn't a full moon.

I had the camera set up just outside my home in the street. I was probably out only about 10 minutes but a hand full of people stopped to watch me. I was kind of embarrassed that people would stop just to watch me take photos. Here is what I got this time.

Nikon D60, Nikkor 55-200mm f/4.0-5.6 @ 200mm, 1/200 sec, f/5.6, ISO 200 -- EXIF

This photo has been cropped a bunch. I did a bit of Sharpening inside of Lightroom 2 to give the craters a little extra detail. This was taken at 200mm. It makes me wonder what a 300mm or 400mm lens could produce.


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