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Jan 25, 2010

Test Post

Posted by Amami Superman

This is a test post to view the differences between Photobucket and Zenfolio. Both images are the same image uploaded from my computer to Photobucket and Zenfolio.

Photobucket Image

Zenfolio Image

I've had it with Photobucket. They've changed the menus around which I find to be more difficult to use and the photo quality isn't that great after uploading. Both of these images should look the same but they don't because Photobucket optimized the image for the web (or something).

I've started a trial account with Zenfolio for uploading my images and it just seems to be better all around for me. So I'll try to figure out a new workflow for posting new images here and we'll see how it goes. If I do plan on subscribing to Zenfolio, I don't know what will happen to my images already saved on Photobucket. If I stop paying my subscription to them, I may have too many images for the free account. I suppose I could just go back and make new ones from the originals to upload to Zenfolio and then re-edit the links to the photos in all my posts (almost 100 posts now). I don't know. We'll see. I'm just getting fed up with Photobucket.


Jeffrey Friedl said...

I'm not sure what difference you see; I load the two 640x428-sized images into tabs and flick back and forth between them, and I don't see the slightest difference.

That said, comparisons of Photobucket and Zenfolio are almost meaningless.... how do you compare a fine dinner with an old shoe?

Amami Superman said...

I've gotten emails also from others saying they couldn't see a difference. I'm kind of embarrassed if no one can see. Is it just my display maybe? Is my display getting old or maybe my graphics card is going out? The Photobucket photo quality just looks terrible on my screen. The gradient blue sky is very pixelated. I can count the lines across the photo as the colors changed going down the photo. The lines are about 5 or 6 pixels wide. A lot of my photos have this. A quick reference to another that is even more noticeable on my screen is Sunset Over Amami. This photo just looks even more terrible to me with how pixelated it is. On the other hand, the Zenfolio photos look just as they did in Lightroom.

It wasn't my intention to actually "compare" Zenfolio and Photobucket, but to show how pixelated the same photo looked when uploaded to Photobucket. If no one can see the quality difference, then my post backfired. But I agree with you, you can't compare them.

I tried out a few other web hosting services like Smugmug, Flickr and a few others. I ended up choosing Zenfolio. It seems to suit me best.

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